Neo-paganism, Gender Roles, and LGBT by nox_lumen

Author: nox_lumen


This is a discussion that’s very personal for me. I have family that are LGBT, and the way the christian faith handles the topic never sat right with me. It’s also one that over the years, I have seen the pagan community stick their heads in the sand over. Rather than talking about it, I have found plenty of forums that won’t even touch the topic. When they do, the typical answer is “Well they just have to figure that out on their own.”


Let’s stop that. The point of having a community is to support each other. It’s the place where the new members have a chance to find their feet by learning from the people who lived it. When we approach a topic like this with such a dismissive attitude, the what we are saying “We don’t care enough to have a better answer.”. We should care because these people have every bit as much right to have a voice as anyone else.


Let’s talk.


Aleister Crowley was bisexual, and he also brought us out of the shadows. Instead of contenting himself to worship secretly with an exclusionary order, he put his faith right out in the open for the whole world to see. He literally traveled the globe to do his own research when he found topics that other pagans in his time didn’t have good answers for, and he published his conclusions with his own money. His refusal to back down and keep silent earned him the title of “The wickedest man alive”, but he paved the way for other leaders of the pagan movement.


Thanks to Crowley’s publicity, Gerald Gardener had access to more books on the topic when he developed the structure for Wicca. The public attention Crowley had generated also gave Gardener an audience ready to embrace the mystic. What Crowley set in motion, Gardener refined into something board housewives could pick up and run with. Many pagan writers are still using the foundations these men established, and woman power is still quite central.


Between the popularity paganism had with women and the increase in followers it got during the heart of the woman’s rights movement, taking back goddess worship has become a major theme for websites and books alike. To be fair, yes, there is a goddess for everything, if you take the time to look. There is also a god for everything, if you take the time to look, and some deities never had a gender at all or shift between them. Yet often men are left in the role of worshiping the glory of women. After all, if you wanted to worship a god, what’s wrong with Christianity?


Some take a more balanced approach to gender with ‘the lord and lady’. In theory, both genders stand equal on the alter and in worship, and it’s the old way of handling the topic. This concept got me scolded, because I never really felt the ‘call to the goddess’ come through, so I never declared a patron goddess for my alter. In my heart and my mind, a patron god lends me strength and helps me to find enlightenment. Why do I need a goddess? I don’t.


Archaeology can tell us that in the oldest practices, it can be ‘lord and lord’ in one house hold, ‘lady and lady’ in another, and in some there may be only one deity, or five, all in the same village. Artifacts can tell us that the gender roles of gods and goddesses can be down right blurry. One of the only relics we have depicting Odin All Father is disputed because he’s wearing woman’s clothing, and we all know Odin is a man’s man.


So we can prove that gods and goddesses from many nature worship traditions in the past may not follow gender roles, but what about lowly humans? There is more than one branch of eastern polytheism that considers those that are between genders to have a closer relationship with the divine. We can also find it in Navajo oral tradition, Greek and Roman records, and there is strong evidence from a bog to say Druids valued them.


Culturally, we may have lost sight of it, but LGBT has long held a place of respect in the stories and practices the neo-pagans are reviving. America, despite a christian majority that condemns it, can vote to allow same sex marriage. It’s well over due for the pagan community to stop just ignoring this group and start embracing it as we once did.

New shows this coming out year


I just found a new show called “ShadowHunters” that looks interesting Its about Warlocks, Demons, and the supernatural. There’s  one of the shows having vampires in it so that should be good. The Magicians was also pretty good and now the x-files is coming back on so I have to watch those ones as well…

A new perspective of Vampires from a Donor and Witch

Witches, Vampires, and Pagan Forums:

A new perspective of Vampires from a Witch

By nox_lumen:

Lets be clear. I am a witch, but not a vampire. So why join a social network group for vampires?

There are still many members of the pagan community as a whole that say I shouldn’t. They certainly don’t welcome the vampiric community with open arms and would tell me to avoid that sort at all costs.

But why the hostility?

Aren’t vampires part of an alternative spiritual path? They work with energy much like witches, even if they approach it a bit differently.

Are these not the same groups that say that all spiritual paths are valid so long as they don’t harm others? I see plenty from the vampiric community that ask members to do no harm and be respectful. Since I have started talking with community members I have gotten no sense that they mean to hurt me in any way.

So what’s really going on? Why do vampires, both sang and psy get such a cold shoulder?

Well, back in the old times (when we still used cassette tapes and VHS), it was really hard work to be a witch. There were few books, and many weren’t even available in a library. If you were lucky enough to find a new age book shop, it was tiny. Web pages were few and far between, often called for things you’d never heard of, and rarely mentioned sources.

That means if you could find someone to teach you, you grabbed hold of whatever you could learn with both hands and held on for dear life.

My teacher, like me, was a teenage girl. Like many teenagers, the world was against her and she was ready for a fight, but it was demons, restless ghosts, and ex-lovers ready to curse everything. She taught me that the spirit world was a dangerous and predatory place that we witches must defend ourselves against constantly, and psychic vampires were just one of the evils we had to deal with.

I thought she knew what she was talking about then.

Much later I got my hands on a proper book, and it was also very focused on defense magic. It wasn’t quite as dramatic since it was intended to offer variations and methods, but the gist was still that the world was out to get us poor witches, so we better defend our selves properly. Many of the books I found over the years mentioned psychic drain, but not vampires out right, so the impression was still there.

There were moves to different cities, the world wide web got bigger, and more ordinary things took my attention. My love for history and mythology meant my research didn’t stop completely, but the world didn’t end if I didn’t do enough protection spells. The sun still rises and sets much as it always has.

I stopped clinging to what I’d learned in books on wicca and started asking many questions they never covered in a recent spiritual renaissance. It didn’t make me many friends in the pagan forums. Between my understanding of history and my own intuition saying they got something sideways, I learned the hard way that pagans can be just as nasty to each other as different christian branches. I was outside of their shoe box labels and they were not shy about telling me they didn’t like it.

I did make the occasional open minded friend. While talking to one an old SciFi show, Mad Mad House, came up. When I re-watched it, I found it was a televised version of the same arguments I’d had with forum users. These ‘alts’ were all outcasts, but they did not play nicely with each other. Of them, the vampire got the least respect, but said the most to make me really THINK about why the pagan community treats them like that.

And I decided it was ignorance. So many pagan how-to books talk about grounding excess energy from spells, rituals, and spirit work. Our own practice leaves us with more than we can use. Where we have a surplus, vampires have a shortage. But instead of talking about this as a natural balance, many pagans still treat it as predator and prey. Despite claims of nature worship, I’m one of the few ready to see this wisdom.

Let’s be clear. I’m a witch, but not a vampire. I’m here because I know I’m among friends.

RIP David Bowie

David Bowie has died after a battle with cancer, his representative confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter.

“David Bowie died peacefully today surrounded by his family after a courageous 18 month battle with cancer. While many of you will share in this loss, we ask that you respect the family’s privacy during their time of grief,” read a statement posted on the artist’s official social media accounts. 

I loved David Bowie and do not have much to add, other than passing on the news.

Therians according to Rev. JP Vanir

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Otherkin as I have said before are people who identify in some internal way (spirit or soul) as non-human but a supernatural creature. Vampyres are a type of Otherkin however Therians are creatures that are part animal but they are different from Otherkin because a spell was done for such creatures to exist. Shamen from many thousands of years ago did a spell on humans with dark magick that infused them with another animal and each person was infused with a different animal depending on what their inner Spirit chose for them. I know that I was not the first person to come up with this idea but with all the research I have done I found this to be the most logical explanation. The reason they did this was because they were frightened of the Supernatural creatures so they created beings to hunt down the dangerous Supernatural creatures. Many Shamans came together to create such beings however they gave them choices to decide if someone was evil or not as they thought forcing them to do there will would be wrong.


Human Therians today are not the same as the original Therians because over time because of breeding with regular humans as well as their soul is not otherkin and they are genetically Therians. Because of this Vampyres and Therians are opposites in most ways. This is shown in research as well as real life. Luckily they were given a choice so not all Therians dislike Vampyres but many form relationships with them as this was done many long years ago and things have changed. Not too mention not all Vampyres are a threat especially Human Vampyres. However Vampyres that are Supernatural and not in a human body are dangerous to humans as they are there prey. Vampyres that are also human that are not criminals have donors and do not hurt other humans as we have blended into society and are very giving and helpful donating there time and money to aid normal society.
© Founding Father J P Vanir