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TRANCE DANCE , Energy, and Possession

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Music is a most powerful energy magnet and when it is being played it can evoke your spiritual essence given to all of us by the Gods and Spirits of the Spiritual Realm. If you are Human or do not know how to use this (control it) if can be used against you or can be used for you; depending on how you chose it to be used. The Gods can use this to put you in TRANCE and possess you or you can go into TRANCE entering the Spiritual Realm and you can see things to help you as well as guide you in you spiritual awakening. For many humans (as well as unaware Vampyres/Other Kin) the Gods and other Vampric Spirits use this to put there followers as others into TRANCE causing them to dance and use up large amounts of energy so they can feed from them. Humans can make very good energy sources as well as are very easily susceptible to control and manipulation by higher Spiritual entities if they allow it. Vampyres however can use music invoke energy and take it from those around them and reach a Spiritual TRANCE state to further awaken them in there Spiritual Awakening as well as evoke there Spirit guides….


© Vampyrian Father J P Vanir

Why we must take energy from others:



We are at a higher energy frequency than most we must take energy from others since we are Spiritual entities (Other Kin) in a human body (like possession but the Sprit goes into a human baby instead of a Human soul) and we are not from this realm. We have a hard time not taking from our human host which may cause us to become sick as well as possible break down our vital organs (heart, pancreas, lungs, liver, and such) if we do not take from others. I as well as others I have know have had there organs fail or die with out explanation so they assumed it was some unknown virus or something. Since we are both Vampyr as well as human we need food for the human body as well as Living Energy for the Vampyr…



© Vampyrian Father J P Vanir

About Rev. JP Vanir

​I am The ordained Geeky, Universal (I feed in all the ways) Autistic, Vampyre, Rivethead, Traditional, Hippie Goth, Vegetarian, "Vampyrian" Graver", Pansexual Experimental Sound Artist AKA theUVUP. I am the Old school Gothic Vampyre & Proud Pagan PhreaK, and the founder of Vampyrian TempleUVUP: since Dec. 18th 2003. I have been in the gothic community since the first Outland (mid 90's) MY MUSIC: as well as the Vampire community since mid 2000, and the pagan community since 2003 and a member of CUUPS Ohio ~ I love the supernatural, Vampyres, Otherkin, Dark Spirituality, and Darkness ect. I am mostly active with my vampyrian TempleUVUP, writing, going out, and helping others that have gone through the same crap as me. I am however in a few other sites and networks. I am also an Empath & Proud Phreak in Central, Ohio. I LOVE MUSIC, clubbing, and dancing...

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