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Myths to reality: Out of the Shadows into the Light

Thanks mostly to the almost lost (no 
comment) movie Nosferatu Vampires 
have been seen as creatures which 
cannot survive in daylight and will be 
destroyed by the rays of sunlight. In 
many movies it is seen as light is good 
(pure) and dark is bad (evil) so light 
destroys darkness and those who dwell 
in it. It could also be said that it is 
thought sunlight kills vampires is 
because they are said to be the undead 
kept alive by fresh blood and sunlight 
increases the rate of decay on human 
flesh. But that is a much more detailed 
discussion perhaps. Ever since 
Nosferatu movies and shows have 
insisted sunlight must kill vampire but 
not reanimated corpses (people call 
them zombies whether they are or not 
really) The original Dracula in the book 
was not killed by sunlight but that 
changed when they made Nosferatu 
(which comes from the greek word 
nosophoros which means plague carrier 
(Not Vampire). 

Supernatural Vampyre (Spirits, Gods, 
ect. Now lets compare that to the  
original) mythology in which they are 
active at night but they were not 
generally considered vulnerable to 
sunlight. It has also been said and I 
agree that Vampyres are nocturnal 
creatures and it is easier for them to 
hunt humans for blood at night when 
most are tired it is harder for them to 
be seen and they often feed on humans 
as they sleep to not be noticed as 
easily. They are said to be stronger or 
more powerful at night. I believe 
Vampyres are not natural creatures but 
supernatural but very much living 
creatures. as sunlight makes most 
humans, other animals, and plants wake 
up and have more energy during the day 
(energies the natural world ect) it 
depletes the Vampyre spirits energy 
slightly as they are not from the 
natural world but another plane of 
existence (the shadow realms) originally 
which is in the shadows, darkness, and 
bothers there eyes.

The Vampyres in human form ) most 
spirits (not hosts) from other realms 
can only exist in the natural world 
usually for a certain period of time 
(depending on there strength from 
feeding) unless they take over a body 
(possession) which is how a Vampyre 
human comes to be a Vampyre spirit 
enters a human unborn child before 
they are alive (through either 
reincarnation misplacement an astral 
sexual encounter ect) instead of a 
human soul (other kin). These humans 
grow up normal however they may 
awaken to recognize they are a 
Vampyre (awakening) but most often 
can not believe in such a thing and 0ust 
think the have human issues). Most of 
the Vampire community also believes 
there Vampyrism is a human condition 
but this is my theory as well as many 
other Vampyres in the world. as we 
have a Vampyre spirit piloting the 
human vessel instead of a human soul 
we are controlled by the Vampyres 
need for more fuel as it is a stronger 
entity in a human body so they need to 
to eat food as well as fuel the Vampyre. 

Being a Human Vampyrism it is more 
difficult to feed but often if they 
cannot be get food from a willing donor 
they well feed while they are asleep 
(astral) or the Vampyre will take left 
over energy when humans have more 
than they need or by letting it go 
though a glance giving them attention*  
or a touch (The Vampyres natural allure 
could help here). Vampyres can often 
barely stay healthy that way depending 
on there environment so they may feed 
on themselves out of habit and may get 
sick. The human Vampyre often may 
drawn to the night and have 
issues with sunlight but very rarely will 
it be a manor issue depending on how 
often they feed. It is not so easy 
getting a willing donation of Blood or a 
small bit of life force though most 
other energy sources may work almost 
as well. Human Vampyre in the 
community Vampyres are not permitted 
to feed on an unwilling donor not to 
mention 0ail is never a good choice if 
they know better and have integrity 
but most in the Vampyre community do 
if they drain an unwilling victim (which 
is very rare) they are black listed from 
the V.2. unlike in the supernatural 
Vampyres the human Vampyre is 
nothing to be worried about and 
normally a rather very pleasant person 
(depending on moods and situations of 
course lol). Not all Vampyres are big on 
community but a lot have come out of 
the coffin (kidding) thanks to the 
internet but many of us are worried 
this may cause harm to our kin or 
ourselves so even more like to keep 
quiet about what we are for it is very 
likely they will be unfairly gudged for 
something we cant help being born this way... 

About Rev. JP Vanir

​I am The ordained Geeky, Universal (I feed in all the ways) Autistic, Vampyre, Rivethead, Traditional, Hippie Goth, Vegetarian, "Vampyrian" Graver", Pansexual Experimental Sound Artist AKA theUVUP. I am the Old school Gothic Vampyre & Proud Pagan PhreaK, and the founder of Vampyrian TempleUVUP: since Dec. 18th 2003. I have been in the gothic community since the first Outland (mid 90's) MY MUSIC: as well as the Vampire community since mid 2000, and the pagan community since 2003 and a member of CUUPS Ohio ~ I love the supernatural, Vampyres, Otherkin, Dark Spirituality, and Darkness ect. I am mostly active with my vampyrian TempleUVUP, writing, going out, and helping others that have gone through the same crap as me. I am however in a few other sites and networks. I am also an Empath & Proud Phreak in Central, Ohio. I LOVE MUSIC, clubbing, and dancing...

One response to “Myths to reality: Out of the Shadows into the Light

  1. Well, this is unique and you know you are certainly entitled to your own opinion.

    Vampyres as they awaken are souls, as they ascend they become spirits. Spirits have children all the time as long as the parents are of term to beget children. when I say spirits, I mean what appears to be human people but are not, or they could not beget life from a womb.

    My daughter was a vampyre because her parents were vampyres. She also was a vampyre because she has always been one in her spirit. We are vampyres because we always incarnate as vampyres.

    We never have souls inside, we are spirits entirely. It is rare for transcended vampires to have children as the body does not make enough hormone to produce children and strigoi women enter menopause early *praise it* and then move on with their living/lives.

    Also the form can not maintain life, not enough of the energy can be created and thus we have just enough for us.

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