The Vampyrian Shadow Tongue

The *Starred * terms are terms of Vampyrian Spirituality though some other spiritualities have used the terms as well. The rest are used by the majority of the Vampire community.


The Realms:

   *Holy Realms – The home of the holy Gods and beings of light.

   *Astral Realm – The spiritual realm just above the

    *Physical realm – in which the soul travels during astral projection and spirits stay who do not wish to pass on to the next life.

    *Other Realms – The realm of other kin that are not of the Shadows.

    *Shadow   Realm (the) –   The underworld   or realm of Vampyres and all Dark kin.


Ambient Vampyre – A Vampyre who feeds on Ambient Energy. Ambient Energy is the excess energy people leave behind.

*Aroma Vampyrism – Feeding by smelling your target; breathing in the energy also works.

*Astral realm (the) – The spiritual realm just above the physical realm in which the soul travels during astral projection and spirits stay who do not wish to pass on to the next life.

Astral projection – a point at which your spirit leaves your body to feed (often at night during your sleep.

Astral Vampyrism – Feeding through astral projection or astral magick. There are several methods of Astral feeding to enhance the amount of Life force or Energy you get as well as affect the way the Target, Victim, or Life Giver perceives this Feeding. These methods often charges up a great amount of energy as it awakens strong emotion in you target or victim.

  1. Night Terror* or Fear Factor – This method is used to terrorize or scare your target and they often believe they are having a nightmare (Fear as well as pain are very strong source of energy)…
  2. Tantric – Eroticism* A method using sexual overtones or having sex with your Target during your night feedings (Sex and orgasm is a very strong source of energy)…
  3. Ritual or Dramatic* Using ritual symbolism or dramatic over tones to your night visitation during feeding. (These can also release high energy levels)…

Aura – The energy shell surrounding a person that is easiest to feed from; it is the excess life force each per son gives off when feeding on ambient energy.

Auto-vampirism – The act of drinking one’s own blood. Though it is actually pointless and you will receive nothing from this but gratification for the taste or need.

Awakening – Becoming Aware of your Vampyre nature.

*Aye/Hail – Yes or let it be so.

*Banished – Excommunicated, Sin Nomine (without name), Banned, or kicked out of the community.

Beacon – An energy signature Vampyres tend to give off to recognize other Vampyres; the “energy signature” given off by both vampyres and “latent or potential” Vampyres. Its main function is to lead vampyres to Latent Vampyres in order to aid in their awakening.

Blood Bars – Rumored underground haven’s that are very secretive said to have stored blood for reserves.

Blood bond or *Life Force bond – A bond between a Vampyre and there donor that becomes stronger over much feeding and can be hard to break so be cautious of your donors that they are and you are stable enough for such a bond. Also a blood bond can happen between two who are entered into a Vampyric bonding of souls – marriage.

Blood Fetishist – One who is sexually turned on by blood or has an unusually love of blood. This may or may not be a Vampyre but does not make a person a Vampyre.

Blood Junkie – One who is addicted to blood and sometimes lacks control over it but not always.

Bloodletting – The physical act of extracting blood from Someone.

Blood play – The act of using blood in a sexual nature as a blood fetishist would.

Chakra – the Energy Centers of the body, each relate to specific power points in which one may utilize to grow in power. You may also focus on these to drain others during Vampyric workings.

Chi or Qi – Spiritual energy, Psychic energy, or Life force contained in all living things. It is all around us as ambient energy emitting from all living things so we therefore must drain from it and grow strong. There are many points explained in several cultures but the main key points are below:

  1. Spirit or Soul: The highest point of energy located in the third eye or head…
  2. Pranic Center: The next highest point of energy located in the heart area of the individual…
  3. Tantric: A very high energy point of Tantric or sexual vampyres located around the genitalia…

Childe – A term for an inexperienced Vampyr or underage Vampyre.

Clinical Vampyrism – Also called simply

Renfield’s syndrome and traditionally known as clinical vampirism and used to describe an obsession to drink blood in the medical community.

Coming out of the Coffin – Opening up about being a Vampyre.

Court (Vampyre) – Monthly meetings in the local Vampyre Community.

*Dark Blessings – Vampyre fare thee well used in the Temple.

*Dark Greetings – Vampyre Salutations or hello used in the Temple.

*DarkSide – A synonym for the Vampyre side and opposite of the Human or Lightside.

Donor – See Life Force giver (to Vampyres) below.

Dayside (Lightside*) – A synonym for the Human side and opposite of the Vampyre or NightSide.

Elder – A prominent member of the Vampyre community who is respected and honored for there knowledge and experience gained. Being in Elder is gained through ones constant awakening and can happen over many lifetimes as a Vampyr and not just this one. Every one of us is different and our awakenings and knowledge is often different.

Embrace – Like a hug but to show affection to another person or Vampyre.

Emotional  Vampire (Vampyre) –  A person  Vampyre or  not who drains people of there emotional energy often making them depressed and overly tired. The Vampyre Community is  not proud of these things but it is not a common practice among Vampyres who know what they are or how to control  it. This is against the common rules of the Vampyre community. Sometimes a Psychological Vampyrism and Often mentally  unstable and draws attention to themselves to take in negative energy or emotions.

Energy  Junkie –  One who  is addicted  to energy in  all its forms and sometimes lacks control over it but not always.

Energy Signature – The energy waves given off by each individual person and are unique to each person; this like there aura which is unique to them as well.

Energy Vampyre – Is a Synonym for Psy Vampyre.

Fashion Vampire – (Lifestyle Vampyre) Usually not a Vampyre but just dresses up like the typical stereotype. Many Vampyres dress up to obtain energy and feed but Fashion Vampyres just want to play Vampyre but do not need to feed.

Feeding – the act of drinking blood or vital energy.

Fed from (being) – Having your energy taken or blood given to a Vampyre.

Grazing – Randomly feeding on anyone without using precautions (testing) first. This act is looked down upon because it can be very unsafe and dangerous.

Haemotomania – is a strong craving for blood.

*Hail/Aye – (Mentioned above) Yes or let it be so.

Hematophageous – Having blood as one’s only form of nourishment.

Haemotophilia – A strong attraction to the taste, smell, and site of blood.

Haven – Is a place where Vampyres meet.

*Holy Realms (the) – The home of the holy Gods and beings of light.

House – Is a group of vampyres who share common beliefs, rituals, and Traditions.

Human (Mundane) – A normal human or someone who is not a Vampyr

Hunger  (The) or  the Thirst –  The desire  to feed and  if not met could lead a Vampyr to do bad things. There are also  substitutes to help calm the hunger for a Sanguis Vampyre  such as V8 juice, chocolate milk, Mochas, bitter coffee, or  rare steaks. I have even heard that orange juice helps too.

Hunter – People looking to kill Vampyres because they are either crazy or misguided.

Hunting or to Hunt – Going out into the night in search of food (energy).

Hybrid Vampyre (Universal) – A Vampyr who feeds on both blood as well as the various forms of psychic energy. I believe all Vampyres are Hybrid Vampyres naturally as this is in our nature though many seem to pick and choose only one or a few ways to feed for some personal reason or another; though they may not understand how to feed the other ways or may not like the taste of blood or feel for it. I prefer Universal as Hybrid makes me think of Underworld.

Incubus (Tantric Vampyre) – Is Vampyre or Spirit who feeds on Sexual energy; including orgasm and sexual attraction. There is also a small amount of plasma in cum. The Plural of Incubus is Incubi. A succubus is the female form of an Incubus.

*Inner Temple – Members who have been initiated into the Temple and are usually pretty active in the Temple. They have been initiated into one or more of our Vampyre Order’s.

                                                       *Initiated (Initiate / Initiation) – Voted into the inner membership of TempleUVUP and gone through the initiation ritual.

Kin (Vampyre Kin or Kindred) – Fellow vampyres as we are Family.

Latent Vampyre – One who has not realized that he is a Vampyre yet if at all? It is our job to make our kin aware of their nature if they are ready.

Leech – A disrespectful term for a Vampyre.

Life force – Vital Human Energy or Soul.

Life Force Giver** Source, or Donor – is One who gives a small portion of there life force energy or blood to a Vampyre companion.They give this to us willingly and should be respected as such for the precious life they give to us voluntarily.

Lifestyle (or Fashion) Vampire – lives the lifestyle of the Vampyre; this person may or may not be a Vampyre.

*LightSide or (Dayside) – A synonym for the Human side and opposite of the Vampyr or NightSide.

Mentor – An experienced (Elder) Vampyr who guides a young Vampyre.

Mundane – A normal Human and Normal, everyday activities.

Namaste – The God in me greets the God in you.

NeoVampire – One who studies or practices Vampyrism but is not always an actual Vampyre.

“Of the Blood” – Term used for those who are Vampyres. They are of the blood.

OtherKin – Those who have souls that are other than human. Vampyres are a subcategory of this group.

*Other Realms – The realm of other kin that are not of the Shadows.

*Outer Temple – Most members who have joinedTempleUVUP but have limited participation; they only have some knowledge and participation in the Temple.

“Out of the Coffin” – See “coming out of the coffin”

*Physical realm (the) (as mentioned Above) – The realm that the physical body inhabits; the Human Realm: seen or known.

*Pranalerian – A more traditional Term for donor or life force giver created by Rev Samilyn.

*Pranavore – A more traditional Term for Vampyr or eater of Prana (Life Force) created by Rev Samilyn.

Prana or Pranic Energy – See CHI or Life force.

Physical   Vampyrism – (Touch Vampyrism)   Feeding by touching someone or something.

Porphyria –  Medical  disorders  of which most  will cause the individual  will have a strong reaction  to sunlight. Areas of the skin which are exposed to the sun may burn, blister  or scar. There Teeth represent Fangs and they lack proper iron so they  consume blood. Vampire myths may well have originated as a result of the  fear of sunlight by persons with porphyria.

Poser or Wanna be (wants to be) – Someone who pretends to be something they are not.

Prana –  AKA Life  Energy or Life  force. This is What Vampyres Feed on.

Psy, Psychic, or Energy Vampyre – One who feeds on Pranic energy, Chi, or Life force; A Vampyr with psychic powers.

Psychic Attack – Is an unwelcome draining of ones Psychic Energy or Life Force.

Psychic  Energy – Pranic/Ambient  (from living things)  or elemental (from natural forces) Energy.

Psychological Vampyrism – Also called Emotional Vampire. One  who is mentally unstable and draws  attention to themselves to take in negative energy or emotions.  Renfield’s Syndrome – See clinical Vampirism  (Vampyrism). A psychological disorder named after a fictional character in Dracula. Richard Noll proposed the syndrome.

Ritual Is now Closed – The ending of a Ritual

Rogue  – One  who is often  causing trouble  or violent situations; sometimes used to describe a playful scamp as well.

Role-Player or RPGer  – One  who plays  role playing  games such as Vampire: The Masquerade. Sometimes they take this into  the Real Vampyre community and thinks games are reality; this is not something  we in the Vampyre community support at all and they are often a problem.

Sang (or Sanguinarian) Vampyre – a synonym for Sanguis Vampyr. One who needs to feed on blood   – a

**SanguisVampyre – Blood   drinker (Sanguavore   or Sanguinarian).

Seeker – An individual who wants to be around vampyres. Often, they want to be a vampire.

Sexual  or Tantric  Vampyre(Incubus/Succubus)  – is  a Vampyre  that Feeds on  Sexual intercourse,  Orgasm, or Sexual arousal.

*Shadow  Realm (the)  – The  underworld  or  realm  of Vampyres and Dark kin.

Sigil  or Vampyr  Medallion*  – is  the symbol  of a Vampyre  Temple, House, or Coven. Below is Vampyrian TempleUVUPs Sigil:

Slayer – An individual who attempts to kill vampires.

Solitary – One who prefers remain and work alone and not with a community.  Source – A Life Force Giver or donor.

**Spiritual Father: Spiritual Leader and Leader in the Vampyre community. Often this person is an Elder and very knowledgeable in Vampyrism and the community.

Succubus (like Incubus) – A female form of an Incubus (see above). The plural of Succubus is Succubi.

Sympathetic  Vampyrism  – Becoming  like a Vampyre  and having Vampyre  like traits. This is  often a result from being overly fed from.

Tantric  *Vampyr (Incubus  – Succubus)  – is  a sexual  Vampyre who  feeds on sexual  energy. Through sexual  attraction, intercourse, and orgasm ect.

Thirst (The) – See the Hunger

Vamp – Synonym for either vampire or Vampyre.

Vamping out – Freaking out; usually from the need to feed and often an extreme attack of the hunger. It sometimes can  produce many physiological changes in the Vampyres body.

Vampire (Vampyre) Aesthetic(s): The costume and look of the  common Vampire Stereotypes. Aesthetics  are often used to feed though the Vampyre  Lifestyler’s often use this to look like Vampires.

Vampyress – A female Vampyre.

*Vampyre Family – We  are all Family in the  Vampyr community and there  are also smaller Families in  each Temple, Coven, house, or group…

Vampyre Haven – A Vampyre night club or gathering place.

Vampyre House (household) – A common   group of Vampyres  united under a certain  theme or ideals in the Vampyre community.

**Vampyrian – Rev. JP Vanir’s belief that Vampyrism is a Spiritual condition which is that though we are humans we have a Vampyr Spirit or Soul so we are both Human as well as Demi-God. I believe Layla (Lilith) is our dark mother; my personal belief is that Vampyrism is a product of her as well as the Fallen Angels, Demons, or Gods who decided to come to this realm who mated with human females who bore Vampyre children or Dhampir.

*Vampyre  Kin  – Our  brothers  and sisters  in the Vampyre  community; other Vampyres.

*Vampyre Magick (VampyreCrafte) – The practice of   manipulation energy  to perform one’s will  to happen and change to occur through Vampyric means.

Vampyre Temple or Coven – A Spiritual Vampyre Community such as ours who see Vampyrism as Spiritual in nature as well as a condition of the Soul.

**Vampyrian  Spiritual Father/Mother  – A  teacher  and spiritual leader of the Vampyrian Spirituality.     There are 3 ranks:

  1. **Founding Father/Mother – Eldest Father/Mother – The highest magistrate and/or spiritual leader.
  2. **Formal   Father/Mother – One   who aids   and performs  rituals when the  Eldest or Founding  Father cannot.
  3.  **Awakening Father/Mother – Just joining   and learning (potential).

Visual Vampyrism – Feeding by focusing on your target through eye contact.

Universal Vampyre (Hybrid) – A Vampyr who feeds on both blood as well as the various forms of psychic energy. I believe all Vampyres are Hybrid Vampyres naturally as this is in our nature though many seem to pick and choose only one or a few ways to feed for some personal reason or another; though they may not understand how to feed the other ways or may not like the taste of blood or feel for it. I prefer Universal as Hybrid makes me think of Underworld.

© Founding Father J P Vanir

My Vampirism and Spirituality

unlike most our Spirituality is part of what we are as all Vampyres should be

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