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The Vampyrian Shadow Tongue

The *Starred * terms are terms of Vampyrian Spirituality though some other spiritualities have used the terms as well. The rest are used by the majority of the Vampire community.


The Realms:

   *Holy Realms – The home of the holy Gods and beings of light.

   *Astral Realm – The spiritual realm just above the

    *Physical realm – in which the soul travels during astral projection and spirits stay who do not wish to pass on to the next life.

    *Other Realms – The realm of other kin that are not of the Shadows.

    *Shadow   Realm (the) –   The underworld   or realm of Vampyres and all Dark kin.


Ambient Vampyre – A Vampyre who feeds on Ambient Energy. Ambient Energy is the excess energy people leave behind.

*Aroma Vampyrism – Feeding by smelling your target; breathing in the energy also works.

*Astral realm (the) – The spiritual realm just above the physical realm in which the soul travels during astral projection and spirits stay who do not wish to pass on to the next life.

Astral projection – a point at which your spirit leaves your body to feed (often at night during your sleep.

Astral Vampyrism – Feeding through astral projection or astral magick. There are several methods of Astral feeding to enhance the amount of Life force or Energy you get as well as affect the way the Target, Victim, or Life Giver perceives this Feeding. These methods often charges up a great amount of energy as it awakens strong emotion in you target or victim.

  1. Night Terror* or Fear Factor – This method is used to terrorize or scare your target and they often believe they are having a nightmare (Fear as well as pain are very strong source of energy)…
  2. Tantric – Eroticism* A method using sexual overtones or having sex with your Target during your night feedings (Sex and orgasm is a very strong source of energy)…
  3. Ritual or Dramatic* Using ritual symbolism or dramatic over tones to your night visitation during feeding. (These can also release high energy levels)…

Aura – The energy shell surrounding a person that is easiest to feed from; it is the excess life force each per son gives off when feeding on ambient energy.

Auto-vampirism – The act of drinking one’s own blood. Though it is actually pointless and you will receive nothing from this but gratification for the taste or need.

Awakening – Becoming Aware of your Vampyre nature.

*Aye/Hail – Yes or let it be so.

*Banished – Excommunicated, Sin Nomine (without name), Banned, or kicked out of the community.

Beacon – An energy signature Vampyres tend to give off to recognize other Vampyres; the “energy signature” given off by both vampyres and “latent or potential” Vampyres. Its main function is to lead vampyres to Latent Vampyres in order to aid in their awakening.

Blood Bars – Rumored underground haven’s that are very secretive said to have stored blood for reserves.

Blood bond or *Life Force bond – A bond between a Vampyre and there donor that becomes stronger over much feeding and can be hard to break so be cautious of your donors that they are and you are stable enough for such a bond. Also a blood bond can happen between two who are entered into a Vampyric bonding of souls – marriage.

Blood Fetishist – One who is sexually turned on by blood or has an unusually love of blood. This may or may not be a Vampyre but does not make a person a Vampyre.

Blood Junkie – One who is addicted to blood and sometimes lacks control over it but not always.

Bloodletting – The physical act of extracting blood from Someone.

Blood play – The act of using blood in a sexual nature as a blood fetishist would.

Chakra – the Energy Centers of the body, each relate to specific power points in which one may utilize to grow in power. You may also focus on these to drain others during Vampyric workings.

Chi or Qi – Spiritual energy, Psychic energy, or Life force contained in all living things. It is all around us as ambient energy emitting from all living things so we therefore must drain from it and grow strong. There are many points explained in several cultures but the main key points are below:

  1. Spirit or Soul: The highest point of energy located in the third eye or head…
  2. Pranic Center: The next highest point of energy located in the heart area of the individual…
  3. Tantric: A very high energy point of Tantric or sexual vampyres located around the genitalia…

Childe – A term for an inexperienced Vampyr or underage Vampyre.

Clinical Vampyrism – Also called simply

Renfield’s syndrome and traditionally known as clinical vampirism and used to describe an obsession to drink blood in the medical community.

Coming out of the Coffin – Opening up about being a Vampyre.

Court (Vampyre) – Monthly meetings in the local Vampyre Community.

*Dark Blessings – Vampyre fare thee well used in the Temple.

*Dark Greetings – Vampyre Salutations or hello used in the Temple.

*DarkSide – A synonym for the Vampyre side and opposite of the Human or Lightside.

Donor – See Life Force giver (to Vampyres) below.

Dayside (Lightside*) – A synonym for the Human side and opposite of the Vampyre or NightSide.

Elder – A prominent member of the Vampyre community who is respected and honored for there knowledge and experience gained. Being in Elder is gained through ones constant awakening and can happen over many lifetimes as a Vampyr and not just this one. Every one of us is different and our awakenings and knowledge is often different.

Embrace – Like a hug but to show affection to another person or Vampyre.

Emotional  Vampire (Vampyre) –  A person  Vampyre or  not who drains people of there emotional energy often making them depressed and overly tired. The Vampyre Community is  not proud of these things but it is not a common practice among Vampyres who know what they are or how to control  it. This is against the common rules of the Vampyre community. Sometimes a Psychological Vampyrism and Often mentally  unstable and draws attention to themselves to take in negative energy or emotions.

Energy  Junkie –  One who  is addicted  to energy in  all its forms and sometimes lacks control over it but not always.

Energy Signature – The energy waves given off by each individual person and are unique to each person; this like there aura which is unique to them as well.

Energy Vampyre – Is a Synonym for Psy Vampyre.

Fashion Vampire – (Lifestyle Vampyre) Usually not a Vampyre but just dresses up like the typical stereotype. Many Vampyres dress up to obtain energy and feed but Fashion Vampyres just want to play Vampyre but do not need to feed.

Feeding – the act of drinking blood or vital energy.

Fed from (being) – Having your energy taken or blood given to a Vampyre.

Grazing – Randomly feeding on anyone without using precautions (testing) first. This act is looked down upon because it can be very unsafe and dangerous.

Haemotomania – is a strong craving for blood.

*Hail/Aye – (Mentioned above) Yes or let it be so.

Hematophageous – Having blood as one’s only form of nourishment.

Haemotophilia – A strong attraction to the taste, smell, and site of blood.

Haven – Is a place where Vampyres meet.

*Holy Realms (the) – The home of the holy Gods and beings of light.

House – Is a group of vampyres who share common beliefs, rituals, and Traditions.

Human (Mundane) – A normal human or someone who is not a Vampyr

Hunger  (The) or  the Thirst –  The desire  to feed and  if not met could lead a Vampyr to do bad things. There are also  substitutes to help calm the hunger for a Sanguis Vampyre  such as V8 juice, chocolate milk, Mochas, bitter coffee, or  rare steaks. I have even heard that orange juice helps too.

Hunter – People looking to kill Vampyres because they are either crazy or misguided.

Hunting or to Hunt – Going out into the night in search of food (energy).

Hybrid Vampyre (Universal) – A Vampyr who feeds on both blood as well as the various forms of psychic energy. I believe all Vampyres are Hybrid Vampyres naturally as this is in our nature though many seem to pick and choose only one or a few ways to feed for some personal reason or another; though they may not understand how to feed the other ways or may not like the taste of blood or feel for it. I prefer Universal as Hybrid makes me think of Underworld.

Incubus (Tantric Vampyre) – Is Vampyre or Spirit who feeds on Sexual energy; including orgasm and sexual attraction. There is also a small amount of plasma in cum. The Plural of Incubus is Incubi. A succubus is the female form of an Incubus.

*Inner Temple – Members who have been initiated into the Temple and are usually pretty active in the Temple. They have been initiated into one or more of our Vampyre Order’s.

                                                       *Initiated (Initiate / Initiation) – Voted into the inner membership of TempleUVUP and gone through the initiation ritual.

Kin (Vampyre Kin or Kindred) – Fellow vampyres as we are Family.

Latent Vampyre – One who has not realized that he is a Vampyre yet if at all? It is our job to make our kin aware of their nature if they are ready.

Leech – A disrespectful term for a Vampyre.

Life force – Vital Human Energy or Soul.

Life Force Giver** Source, or Donor – is One who gives a small portion of there life force energy or blood to a Vampyre companion.They give this to us willingly and should be respected as such for the precious life they give to us voluntarily.

Lifestyle (or Fashion) Vampire – lives the lifestyle of the Vampyre; this person may or may not be a Vampyre.

*LightSide or (Dayside) – A synonym for the Human side and opposite of the Vampyr or NightSide.

Mentor – An experienced (Elder) Vampyr who guides a young Vampyre.

Mundane – A normal Human and Normal, everyday activities.

Namaste – The God in me greets the God in you.

NeoVampire – One who studies or practices Vampyrism but is not always an actual Vampyre.

“Of the Blood” – Term used for those who are Vampyres. They are of the blood.

OtherKin – Those who have souls that are other than human. Vampyres are a subcategory of this group.

*Other Realms – The realm of other kin that are not of the Shadows.

*Outer Temple – Most members who have joinedTempleUVUP but have limited participation; they only have some knowledge and participation in the Temple.

“Out of the Coffin” – See “coming out of the coffin”

*Physical realm (the) (as mentioned Above) – The realm that the physical body inhabits; the Human Realm: seen or known.

*Pranalerian – A more traditional Term for donor or life force giver created by Rev Samilyn.

*Pranavore – A more traditional Term for Vampyr or eater of Prana (Life Force) created by Rev Samilyn.

Prana or Pranic Energy – See CHI or Life force.

Physical   Vampyrism – (Touch Vampyrism)   Feeding by touching someone or something.

Porphyria –  Medical  disorders  of which most  will cause the individual  will have a strong reaction  to sunlight. Areas of the skin which are exposed to the sun may burn, blister  or scar. There Teeth represent Fangs and they lack proper iron so they  consume blood. Vampire myths may well have originated as a result of the  fear of sunlight by persons with porphyria.

Poser or Wanna be (wants to be) – Someone who pretends to be something they are not.

Prana –  AKA Life  Energy or Life  force. This is What Vampyres Feed on.

Psy, Psychic, or Energy Vampyre – One who feeds on Pranic energy, Chi, or Life force; A Vampyr with psychic powers.

Psychic Attack – Is an unwelcome draining of ones Psychic Energy or Life Force.

Psychic  Energy – Pranic/Ambient  (from living things)  or elemental (from natural forces) Energy.

Psychological Vampyrism – Also called Emotional Vampire. One  who is mentally unstable and draws  attention to themselves to take in negative energy or emotions.  Renfield’s Syndrome – See clinical Vampirism  (Vampyrism). A psychological disorder named after a fictional character in Dracula. Richard Noll proposed the syndrome.

Ritual Is now Closed – The ending of a Ritual

Rogue  – One  who is often  causing trouble  or violent situations; sometimes used to describe a playful scamp as well.

Role-Player or RPGer  – One  who plays  role playing  games such as Vampire: The Masquerade. Sometimes they take this into  the Real Vampyre community and thinks games are reality; this is not something  we in the Vampyre community support at all and they are often a problem.

Sang (or Sanguinarian) Vampyre – a synonym for Sanguis Vampyr. One who needs to feed on blood   – a

**SanguisVampyre – Blood   drinker (Sanguavore   or Sanguinarian).

Seeker – An individual who wants to be around vampyres. Often, they want to be a vampire.

Sexual  or Tantric  Vampyre(Incubus/Succubus)  – is  a Vampyre  that Feeds on  Sexual intercourse,  Orgasm, or Sexual arousal.

*Shadow  Realm (the)  – The  underworld  or  realm  of Vampyres and Dark kin.

Sigil  or Vampyr  Medallion*  – is  the symbol  of a Vampyre  Temple, House, or Coven. Below is Vampyrian TempleUVUPs Sigil:

Slayer – An individual who attempts to kill vampires.

Solitary – One who prefers remain and work alone and not with a community.  Source – A Life Force Giver or donor.

**Spiritual Father: Spiritual Leader and Leader in the Vampyre community. Often this person is an Elder and very knowledgeable in Vampyrism and the community.

Succubus (like Incubus) – A female form of an Incubus (see above). The plural of Succubus is Succubi.

Sympathetic  Vampyrism  – Becoming  like a Vampyre  and having Vampyre  like traits. This is  often a result from being overly fed from.

Tantric  *Vampyr (Incubus  – Succubus)  – is  a sexual  Vampyre who  feeds on sexual  energy. Through sexual  attraction, intercourse, and orgasm ect.

Thirst (The) – See the Hunger

Vamp – Synonym for either vampire or Vampyre.

Vamping out – Freaking out; usually from the need to feed and often an extreme attack of the hunger. It sometimes can  produce many physiological changes in the Vampyres body.

Vampire (Vampyre) Aesthetic(s): The costume and look of the  common Vampire Stereotypes. Aesthetics  are often used to feed though the Vampyre  Lifestyler’s often use this to look like Vampires.

Vampyress – A female Vampyre.

*Vampyre Family – We  are all Family in the  Vampyr community and there  are also smaller Families in  each Temple, Coven, house, or group…

Vampyre Haven – A Vampyre night club or gathering place.

Vampyre House (household) – A common   group of Vampyres  united under a certain  theme or ideals in the Vampyre community.

**Vampyrian – Rev. JP Vanir’s belief that Vampyrism is a Spiritual condition which is that though we are humans we have a Vampyr Spirit or Soul so we are both Human as well as Demi-God. I believe Layla (Lilith) is our dark mother; my personal belief is that Vampyrism is a product of her as well as the Fallen Angels, Demons, or Gods who decided to come to this realm who mated with human females who bore Vampyre children or Dhampir.

*Vampyre  Kin  – Our  brothers  and sisters  in the Vampyre  community; other Vampyres.

*Vampyre Magick (VampyreCrafte) – The practice of   manipulation energy  to perform one’s will  to happen and change to occur through Vampyric means.

Vampyre Temple or Coven – A Spiritual Vampyre Community such as ours who see Vampyrism as Spiritual in nature as well as a condition of the Soul.

**Vampyrian  Spiritual Father/Mother  – A  teacher  and spiritual leader of the Vampyrian Spirituality.     There are 3 ranks:

  1. **Founding Father/Mother – Eldest Father/Mother – The highest magistrate and/or spiritual leader.
  2. **Formal   Father/Mother – One   who aids   and performs  rituals when the  Eldest or Founding  Father cannot.
  3.  **Awakening Father/Mother – Just joining   and learning (potential).

Visual Vampyrism – Feeding by focusing on your target through eye contact.

Universal Vampyre (Hybrid) – A Vampyr who feeds on both blood as well as the various forms of psychic energy. I believe all Vampyres are Hybrid Vampyres naturally as this is in our nature though many seem to pick and choose only one or a few ways to feed for some personal reason or another; though they may not understand how to feed the other ways or may not like the taste of blood or feel for it. I prefer Universal as Hybrid makes me think of Underworld.

© Founding Father J P Vanir

My Vampirism and Spirituality

unlike most our Spirituality is part of what we are as all Vampyres should be

The Amador Vampyre

I was going to write about the drama going on in the GVC, again–but, after reading the intro to Julia DarkRose’s upcoming book and a very thought-provoking post by Seth Ananda….I felt inspired to focus on more spiritual topics.

The concept of The Vampire is not necessarily linked with that of any form of spirituality.  There are those popular, media and mythology associations which depict the vampire simply as a feeder–of blood and/or energy. If there are any paranormal qualities expressed by the vampire,  they are inherent and inborn, as soon as the vampire is turned. In urban legend and stories, the Vampire is a metaphysical creature and has no need to exercise, develop or gain its abilities.

In The GVC, some of us might hold the above perception to a more reasonable degree. Whether or not the vampire is a naturally metaphysical being, we hold an entire spectrum of…

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Vampires, Paganism, and You by Morgan St. Knight


Author: Morgan St. Knight

I can hear the reaction from some of you now (because I already heard it once when I gave this to someone for feedback) . “What do you mean vampires and me? I don’t have anything to do with that!”

Like it or not, you very may well have something to do with vampires, if only because rarely (but not rarely enough for me) there are news articles quoting authorities who conflate the current trendiness of vampires (Twilight, True Blood) with Paganism. Worse, it’s clear some law enforcement authorities are ready to attribute bizarre or anti-social behavior to Paganism, vampire affiliation or both with careless abandon.

One such story unfolded in October, 2010 in Chandler, Arizona. Firefighters responding to a call at an apartment complex saw a bleeding man fleeing from another apartment. They called police, who arrested a man and woman living in the apartment. The bleeding man told authorities he was staying with them, and that the couple considered themselves to be vampires. He said he had allowed them to drink his blood in the past, but got into an argument with them because he didn’t feel like being a donor that evening, and was subsequently stabbed by the man.

Police later said the couple admitted to the stabbing, but gave conflicting accounts about how and why it happened, with the question of self-defense being raised at one point.

A spokesman for the Chandler Police Department released a statement saying that the couple “practice Paganism and vampirism and follow the vampire cult.” (1) . Of course, police didn’t bother to elaborate on what exactly they meant by a “vampire cult”, and they failed to explain precisely what form of Paganism these suspects were allegedly practicing.

I noted with interest that follow-up reports indicated the victim of “vampires” was arrested himself on outstanding drug warrants, and that this altercation occurred after he and the man who allegedly stabbed him had been drinking. (2) In an interview with a local television station, the man said he felt his “attackers” watched too many vampire films. (3)

I’m not going to weigh in on what I think really happened, because I don’t have enough information to make a fair, unbiased judgment. There are a lot of questions that need answering.

One which burns in my mind is, if the man was stabbed by a couple who repeatedly watched The Passion of the Christ” and “The Ten Commandments”, would police have characterized them as members of a Christian cult? Would religion have entered into it at all? If it turned out they were members of a local church, would they have been identified as Lutherans or Methodists? Or maybe Presbyterians. Yeah, those Presbyterians will shank you in a heartbeat.

I think I know the answer to that one, but it doesn’t get us any closer to the truth about what really went on in that apartment. The truth is these people may very well consider themselves to be vampires.

And–hang on to your besoms, folks–there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that in and of itself. I certainly don’t condone physical violence, and if this couple did indeed attack that man, shame on them. They deserve consequences for those actions.

My concern is that the consequences will be far more severe for them than they would be for anyone else who wounded someone with a knife in an altercation, because these people have now been identified as “vampires” as well as “Pagans”.

Some Pagans may say: “That’s their problem. If they think they’re vampires, they brought it on themselves.” But I believe we should understand what we’re talking about before we make rash judgments. If we don’t, we’re no better than small-town cops who blithely toss around the terms Pagan and vampire as if they’re the same thing.

There are people who simply live a vampire lifestyle; some of them just like the mystique, the clothing, the aura of danger and seduction that surrounds literary vampires like Lestat, or some of the characters in Laurel K. Hamilton and Sherrilyn Kenyon’s works. Let’s face it, literary vampires have been made out to be sexy, they make being bad look good, and they can defy the norms of society and still have completely fulfilling and satisfying (un) lives. I see people who adopt this lifestyle as no more dangerous than people who dress up for Renaissance Fairs.

In my opinion, as long as they aren’t hurting any unwilling people or animals (that includes behaving in ways that are detrimental to children and other dependents) , they should be given full respect, and not marginalized if they happen to be Pagan as well.

It is true there is a vampire subculture in this country, as well as several other countries, and by this I don’t mean people who just like to dress up and/or role-play. I mean people who are either blood drinkers or donors to such drinkers. If this thought causes you unease, you’re certainly not alone. But understand that in this subculture there are rules and norms, including not endangering the innocent, not victimizing the unwilling, not exchanging blood if you know you have a communicable disease, taking precautions to ensure that any blood-letting is done safely and does not endanger the donor’s health, and not behaving in a way that would create problems for others in that community.

Yes, it is true that some members of this self-proclaimed vampire community practice various forms of Paganism. It is not that they necessarily believe vampires must be Pagan; rather, I think it is largely because they feel the spiritual beliefs are less in conflict with their true selves than the beliefs of other religions. Odd when you think about it, because our liturgies don’t include “this is my body, this is my blood, take it…” That’s one of those big religions.

Still, Pagans do have way-cool jewelry…. that must be the attraction.

As far as the people in this part of the vampire community, I say: “If it harms none, do what you will”. If they’re playing by their own rules, not harming the innocent and only taking from willing donors, then I wish you all happiness.

But there are also people who say they really do need to drink human blood, or else they suffer physical maladies such as sickness or weakness, even death. Should we as Pagans support their activities (again with the assumed caveats that it involves neither unwilling participants, nor those who are not of age of consent) even if we find them objectionable on a personal level?

It’s an answer each of us has to reach for ourselves, but before making the decision, there are some things to consider. A stated desire to drink blood is likely a psychological need. It may arise spontaneously with no evidence to back it up other than the person’s conviction that he/she is indeed a vampire in the classic sense. Or, the person may believe he/she has a very real and dangerous condition such as porphyria.

Believing that porphyria creates a craving to drink blood is based on a misunderstanding of the condition. This is partly due to some very haphazard links drawn in published literature between the disease and vampirism, as well as lycanthropy. (4, 5) .

There are several different kinds of porphyria, and it’s true that on the surface some of them have symptoms which mirror those of vampirism as described in fiction. Let’s look at some of the connecting points.

About half the conditions classified as porphyria can create sensitivity to sunlight, which might even include skin blistering from direct exposure. It would be easy to see this as an explanation of the vampire’s legendary aversion to sunlight. This category, called cutaneous porphyria, also can cause necrosis of certain tissue such as the gums; this could cause extreme gum recession, which would make the teeth appear longer. People hearing this would immediately think of the vampire’s fangs.

Other conditions fall under the category of acute porphyria. These conditions can cause seizures and rapid and/or irregular heart rhythms, which can prove highly debilitating if not fatal. Seizures, arrhythmia or tachycardia can result in excessive lethargy or even an inability to move.

To the suggestible this might be a clear connection to the death-like state vampires are said to return to during the daylight hours. It might be tempting to draw conclusions from this, but remember, it is also true that such episodes of weakness or paralysis would be more noticeable in daylight hours when other people would be around to see them. Attacks occurring at nighttime in the privacy of the bedroom could easily go undetected if one is alone, or if observed, could be misconstrued as deep sleep or, in the case of a mild to moderate seizure, a troubled sleep.

Where does blood drinking come in? Porphyria is characterized by the absence or malfunction of enzymes involved in the production of heme, which is a crucial component of blood, and which gives our blood its characteristic red color. These days, acute porphyria can be treated with medications that balance out heme levels.

While we have the option of modern pharmacology, what would people who lived in earlier times have done to treat the disease? It would be easy to assume that the condition could cause unusual cravings; many bodily deficiencies do. So you might conclude that without the benefit of medicine, someone with a blood disorder might try to correct it by ingesting large amounts of healthy blood.

It’s debatable whether this would have any effect at all. First, the crucial components in the blood would have to survive the stomach acid and be absorbed into the blood stream in the intestines. Perhaps the iron in the consumed blood would be a small boost to heme and hemoglobin production, but you’d have to consume an awful lot.

Just because education was minimal in many areas back then, doesn’t mean common sense wasn’t rampant. Anyone would know it’s easier, and less socially awkward, to get the blood from livestock instead of humans. Back then, if you slaughtered a farm animal you’d probably use the blood to make sausage, soup, or something else. So if you had a craving for blood, would you attack your neighbor and risk getting taken out by an angry mob, or would you just eat more of that blood sausage from the last slaughter? I think this puts the nail in the coffin (all right, I had to go there!) of the idea that porphyria would drive someone to bite or otherwise injure people to get blood.

Porphyria is far less common in real life than it is in references in literature and on the Internet. How could you determine if someone who claims he/she must drink blood even has it? The only sure way is testing. Porphyria can be diagnosed through blood and urine analysis.

Here’s some trivia for you: the urine of some porphyria victims has the unusual property of becoming dark brown or even purple when exposed to sunlight. Unfortunately it’s poor form in just about every circle, including vampire circles, to ask people to pee in outdoor fountains at high noon as a diagnostic technique. You may just have to take them at their word.

Is it possible that people who feel the need to drink blood today suffer from porphyria? It might account for some cases, but only a small portion. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to suggest that most people who fall into the category of blood-drinkers do so for psychological reasons. While some people drink blood to consciouslyreaffirm their vampire identity (meaning they do it because they want to, and they know they want to) , others may be compelled to do so by psychological needs they can neither understand nor control.

This brings us to a morally grey area, and I definitely have serious hesitations about trying to navigate it. If a person’s craving for blood meets the criteria of compulsory behavior, it is difficult to guarantee whether they will behave rationally and respectfully to meet that need. Admittedly, seeking to take blood from others could be a symptom of a sociopathic disorder. What would separate such serious behavior from a less threatening compulsion? Mostly, the extent to which the person is willing to respect the boundaries of others, understand when someone doesn’t want to become one of their donors, and to accept such refusal maturely.

It’s undeniable there will be “loose cannons” who are unbalanced and think it’s OK to attack someone in a scene out of Blade or The Hunger. But this should not reflect on the vampire community mentioned above in general. Do we allow it to taint our view of the Christian community when one unhinged individual bombs a women’s clinic or kills an abortion provider in cold blood? Do we blame Christianity, or do we blame the individual?

Certainly, the media won’t dare to blame Christianity as a whole, although they typically jump at the chance to blame Pagans whenever anything even slightly bizarre turns up at a crime scene. It’s very tempting to engage in a tit-for-tat response when an outspoken Christian commits some crime in the name of religion, but most of us don’t because we know better.

I would ask that we give the same respect to the vampire community, and not jump to conclusions when we hear that someone involved in a bizarre incident “thinks they are a vampire.” We should judge that person by their actions, not by what they claim to be. It’s the same consideration you would want, isn’t it?

After all, you might be a vampire yourself.

Oh yes, I almost forgot; people who wear lots of velvet and/or drink blood aren’t the only vampires around. There are many other vampires who operate on a different level altogether: the psychic vampires.

That term has two very different definitions. One definition, publicized by (but probably not originated by) Anton LaVey (6) , the late head of the Church of Satan, states that a psychic vampire is an emotionally needy, manipulative person who insinuates themselves into the lives of others, taking up their time, energy, and attention, and essentially reducing the victim’s quality of life. The psychic vampire can be a physically debilitated person who makes others feel guilty for not being more attentive to their needs, or an emotionally needy partner who uses sulking and tears to badger their significant other into submission. They may be a friend or relative who creates a sense of obligation by always doing “little things” for someone, only to remind the person of their largesse at a later time and call in the favor.

But the term as many others and I use it means a person who can take life energy from another individual. Sometimes the self-aware psychic vampire claims to have an underlying physical condition that becomes worse unless they get regular infusions of this life force. In cases where their overall health is fine, they may simply become drained and lethargic without such “feeding”.

psychic vampire can feed in any public location by taking small quantities of energy from the auras of several people, as well as the ambient energy that surrounds large groups. They may also take it in a more intimate one-on-one setting in which a deeper energy transfer is used. This can include the use of sex, massage, or simply physical closeness (7) . Rarely does the psychic vampire desire to drink even a small amount of the energy donor’s blood, although it’s true that our vital essence is very closely linked to the blood (some believe it is not “in” the blood per se, but exists in a symbiotic state, and therefore can flow out with the blood through any sort of wound or incision) . For a very unusual take on psychic vampires, you may want to read Dion Fortune’s The Secrets of Dr. Taverner. (8)

Certain psychic vampires can feed very well off the emotions of others; these people can posses a predatory empathic ability that can instigate or exacerbate strong emotions, usually those of a negative kind, in others around them. They may consciously do this (the so-called “drama queens” are a perfect example) , but in other cases the person may be totally unaware of this unusual ability to affect others. In these people the ability may be mostly latent unless the person is in dire need of feeding; then the ability awakens, causing an uproar of some sort which very often does not include the person in question, but which happens close enough for them to subconsciously draw in the energy from the emotional outburst.

We’ve all know people who seem to get “caught in the middle” of things on a frequent basis, and usually our sympathies lie with them. Little do most people know that these innocent bystanders may sometimes be the cause of the problem, though not through deliberate malice.

Sympathy, by the way, is a very powerful form of emotional transfer that many energy vampires can take in quite nicely. Some may generate a natural aura of sympathy through their demeanor, but others can use the actual giving of sympathy to set up the transfer. By offering a sympathetic ear or comment, we quite often put another person at ease, and that person offers a subtle, usually unconscious reciprocal energy release. For lack of a better term, it’s the energy associated with feeling gratitude.

As an empath I’ve encountered all of these situations, from people who naturally generate strong reactions by their mere presence or somehow seem to be in the thick of any mayhem that occurs, to others who silently walk through crowded clubs or other large gatherings like athletic events. They keep to themselves, acting like they’re a million miles away, but they are actually soaking in ambient energy. A couple of times I have encountered aggressive energy feeders who attempt to deeply tap people in these group situations without their knowledge, but surprisingly these attempts were clumsy and didn’t seem to work well. The targeted person didn’t seem to exhibit any change as you might expect from a sudden energy drain (from personal experience with willing energy transfers during healing sessions, I can say it often feels like the rapid “crash” after a sugar rush) . I concluded that the targets in these cases had enough natural shielding to prevent an unwanted attack.

Thankfully, like delusional people who attack people physically and try to drink their blood, these aggressive energy-feeders seem to be few and far between. I think it would be rare for any of us to encounter more than one or two in a lifetime unless we live in a large city, and rarer still for us to be the target of such activity.

But I would suggest, just in case, that you become familiar with shielding techniques. There are many good books on psychic self-defense, and it pays to know how to engage and maintain good shields on a daily basis as well as for more dangerous situations.

What if you feel you are a vampire, psychic, sanguine (blood-drinking) or otherwise? A short essay is not the proper forum for dealing with this situation. There are groups and authors who cover this subject much more fully than I can here. I urge you to do careful research and follow your gut instincts about whether you want to actively reach out to others in these communities or whether you’d rather confine your exploration to reading. There will be time to make contacts after you’ve thought about it and done some real soul-searching, but once you make those contacts, you can’t always undo them easily.

Tread lightly if you decide to walk these paths, and be careful before giving your trust too freely. This advice was given to me by actual members of the vampire community who I know and trust. They didn’t sugarcoat it for me, so I pass their words on to you undiluted. It is a lifestyle that is, by its nature, full of shadows. Sometimes the shadows hide beauty and wonder, but sometimes they cover a much deeper darkness. So I say again, tread these paths carefully.




(4) Illis, L: “On Porphyria and the Aetiology of Werwolves (sic) ”; Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine, Volume 57, January 1964

(5) Boffey, Phillip M: “Rare disease proposed as cause for ‘vampires’ ”; New York Times, May 31, 1985 (link: )

(6) LaVey, Anton Szandor: “The Satanic Bible”; Avon, 1976

(7) Belanger, Michelle: “The Psychic Vampire Codex”; Weiser Books, 2004

(8) Fortune, Dion: “The Secrets of Dr. Taverner” (reprint) ; Ariel Books, 1989

Father JP Vanir Interviews

Interview with JP Vanir on Real Vampire News By Tim

1. Chatting with Vampyres ~ One on One (Re-posted)

Original Post:

Good evening,

As many of you might remember in April 2012 Real Vampire News suffered a near catastrophic server crash that wiped out our entire catalogue of articles and editorials. We worked frantically for almost a fortnight and rebuilt the May 2012 archive from internet cache records of the material. We thought we had got everything of note and the only things we did not put back were a few minor pieces… regretfully we were wrong.

The following “Chatting with Vampires” interview was conducted with our good friend Fr. JP Vanir of The Temple UVUP and was originally posted on January 18, 2012.

On behalf of Real Vampire Life I would like to offer our profound apologies to Fr. JP for the oversight in not restoring this piece to its proper place when we rebuilt. We hope he will forgive us.
Regards and respects,

for RVL


Chatting with Vampires ~ One on One ~ Fr. JP Vanir

Good evening and welcome to “Chatting with Vampires” ~ this is a special presentation, it is the inaugural ‘one-on-one‘ marking a new series of individual interviews with members of the VC/OVC.

There are many different views in the VC/OVC of how the community should be catering to its members and how it should be prepared, or preparing, for the next generation of the community. Many of the voices you will hear [read] will expound many different suggestions and many different methods for achieving things within the community.

You may have heard the saying, around the community, that “it’s easier to herd cats than to get vampires to agree on anything” ~ it seems to be a truism that has become entrenched in the consciousness of the community. Sometimes, however, you will find a person in the community who has a way of cutting clearly and concisely to the basics and who has solid ideas for the betterment of the community as a whole. One such person, who probably needs little introduction, is Fr. JP Vanir of the Temple UVUP .

Father J P Vanir came to the vampire community, in very active roles, in 2000 and is the Founding Father of Vampyrian Temple UVUP which came into being on Dec. 18th 2003. He describes himself as;

“a hybrid Old School Cyber Vampyrian, Gothick-Graver. I now consider myself a   Spiritual Energy Dancer, Empath & Proud Phreak”

He also has a deep love for, and affinity with, music; so much so that he has established his own net-radio “Vampyrian Dark Radio”.

No stranger to controversy, Fr. JP Vanir has, nevertheless, weathered the storms and maintains his course, his stance and his commitment to bettering the lot of real living vampyres.

It is our privilege to have been afforded the time to ask Fr. JP some questions and get his insights into some of the basic concerns that face the VC/OVC today.

RVNGood evening Fr. JP and thank you for joining us today.

Fr. JP: You are very welcome.

RVNFr. JP, the debate of negativity versus positive action in the VC/OVC has recently become a talking point again and one poll[1] at least, indicates that members of the OVC, at least those who voted, are feeling that there is much more negativity about recently than there has been before, why do you think this is happening?

Fr. JP: I have mostly noticed the drama and bickering not to mention the more recent popularity of Vampires and because of it the many people giving us a bad name. I have noticed the popularity surges that come and go in our ADHD society, lol. However, Vampires will always come back because the allure is always there and the fact that they are “the most human (like) of the monsters” in the media…

RVNWhat, in your opinion, would be the most positive course that the community in general could take at this point?

Fr. JP: First, stop the bickering and drama and embrace our Vampyr family. Second, continue doing good things to help others such as the Kindred Career Network , NOVA’s (New Orleans Vampire Alliance) Feasting with Vampires and the Homeless , etc. Third, stop continually posting so much negative news so as not to bring popularity to such topics and try to focus more on the progress of the community and post more Real Vampire News and positive stuff. I do love what the site Real Vampire News  is doing in making sure we get Real Vampire News instead of just news about people who commit crimes with blood involved so it becomes so called “Vampire News”. I will admit however posting topics such as this in the past but I know it was wrong and will no longer be drawn into such things; I apologize.…

RVNMay we ask, have you chanced to read the post entitled “Anyone been a vampire” at Support Forums and one of the recent “surveys” that is out in the OVC, “Depression and the Vampire” ? Do you think that there is a clear and present danger of creating, or reinforcing, an image of modern vampires being “unstable” by running such polls and writing such articles?

Fr. JP: Yes of course I have seen it as a regular subscriber to the VCN on Drama Book; I mean Face Book lol. I was not a fan of the post however I personally believe Doctor’s often label people who may misinterpret what they have as a disease. I myself have been diagnosed as OCD, Bipolar, Anxiety, ADHD, with severe Depression. Not all Vampyres are the same of course and by no means should we focus on those of us who happen to have such “mental conditions” as most seem to do just fine with being a Vampyr with out it messing up their life as long as they know how to feed properly and get enough to remain healthy…


RVN: With many of the so called “old guard” remaining “silent” in the wider community and many of the currently “high profile” people simply engaging in back room politics, one-upmanship and deliberately obtuse, obnoxious or irrelevant rhetoric, where do you see the “new guard” or the next generation of the VC/OVC coming from?

Fr. JP: I have mostly noticed young kids sprouting in the community thinking they are Vampires or wanting to become Vampires ever since Twilight (which I despise), True Blood (which I happen to like), and now Being Human. It is harder now than ever to tell who is “fake” and who is “real”. I am actually very concerned with where we are headed. It seems that most of the real Vampyres wish to stay hidden when it would be easier to stay “in the light” if there wasn’t so many things making us want to steer clear of it. I for one still have no intention of remaining in the shadows despite what the media has done. I refuse to let Hollywood and the “bad eggs” take our title (Vampire/Vampyre) away…


RVN: Do you think that the current OVC has a proper and viable structure in place to be able to support and reassure newcomers who are perhaps struggling with their “new” identity?

Fr. JP: I do not believe so. Unfortunately most of our best and most well know ledged Vampyres want to stay in the shadows and we will be harder to reach in order to bring the truth forward for them. Also most of them have the wrong idea, are in the wrong place, and will be harder to be correctly guided in the right direction especially since so many “Vampyres” in the community want to let people find their own way online which often leads to lies and misdirection with all the fiction and crap out there now a days…


RVN: What role do you foresee the Temple UVUP playing in the near future in the online vampire community and how will you work toward that goal?

Fr. JP: Honestly I try not to compare Temple UVUP to the general Vampire Community as it is very eclectic and not all of the people in the VC are Spiritual or combine their Vampirism with their Spirituality. I merely try to help those I come in contact with find their own way and offer what I know but tell them to take what they wish from it. At first I will show them the general beliefs of the VC and then let them in on my personal beliefs but never try to give any of them as gospel. I want everyone to find their own way but also warn them of the dangers of a lot of the misguided information and cults out there who preach their truth as the only way…


RVN: If you had fifteen minutes, uninterrupted, to deliver a message to the entire Vampire and Online Vampire Community, what would you say?

Fr. JP: Wow, I am never good on the spotlight lol. I would just encourage the VC to be open and kind to our fellow kin. I have always seen Vampyres as family and there is nothing worse than family bickering. I would then encourage them on the steps in my answer to question 2 – What is the most positive course that the community in general could take at this point (see above). I also think it is very important for us to aid the confused and newly awaked find the correct information so they do not lose their way, harm others (while feeding), and keep themselves healthy and positive…


RVN: What’s the next project for Fr. JP Vanir?

Fr. JP: I am constantly working to improve the new network including adding to the new library, forums, and wiki. I am also saving up to make our Temple official so we can help out more in the community as well as the less fortunate (more so than my basic donations and support) and saving up for property as well. I have so many plans and ideas jumbled up in my brain I find it difficult to know where to start (hopefully in that order) as disorganized as I seem to be. Perhaps I should focus more on finding help there first, lol.


RVN: Thank you very much for joining us Father JP, we are very pleased to have been able to share this time with you.

Fr. JP: You are very welcome as I try to help as I am able…

© RVN & The Temple UVUP 2012


Father JP can be found at:

The Temple UVUP

Which he describes, in one quote, as:

“We are an ECLECTIC (Universal) Temple and not everything here is my personal belief. I am a THEOLOGIAN first and want my Temple to be open to know about ALL possible beliefs /religions/ spirituality’s. I DO NOT know it all but wish to teach what I have researched over the many years of my Spiritual awakening to the present.”


NB: The views and opinions presented in this article may not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of RVN, its officers or assigns. All quotes used with permission of The Temple UVUP and Father JP Vanir.



2. Chatting with Vampires ~ Community, the Media & the Future By Tim

Original Link:


Author: Tim


For some time now there has been a shift in the nature of the online vampire community. The impetus for the changes being provided by a seeming semi-exhaustion of material on topics that have been, over a period of years, asked and answered in as many ways as are imaginable. Indeed, the basic downturn in “new” and fresh material has led through a period of extensive re-hashing of familiar topics and as a result the attention to, and interest in, the OVC appears to have suffered to some extent.

As the “new” arena of Facebook and the other social networking facilities came to the fore there seems to have been a serious drift away from the social group basis of the message boards that we have all been familiar with and a breakdown in the structure and support network provided by controlled and monitored help and support.

The “groups” structure has given way to “individual” communication and seems to have resulted in a growing individualism and a decrease in centralization. One question that occurs when this sort of shift occurs is how effective does the overall “community” remain?

There is increasing evidence that individuals are now joining forces to spread a single message, that there is a growing adherence to “personal” interaction rather than group interaction that amongst these new “associations” there is a growing tendency to personal agenda rather than community agenda. We at RVN have , in attempting to make contact with those claiming to be researching the matter of the modern vampire, arrived at the conclusion that there is little or no interest in gaining a “wider perspective” of the picture of modern vampirism but that their studies seem to be focused on one small part of the population of the VC/OVC thus we must ask ourselves the question, how objective can such studies really be in the end analysis.

The measure of any community is to be found in its effectiveness at addressing not only external factors that influence it but also the internal forces that drive and shape it. A community is the composite of ALL of its parts, not just a few and when the picture is taken as a whole the effectiveness of the community body can be seen for what it is.

We invited three members of the real vampire community and OVC to join us to take a look at the effectiveness of the VC/OVC. I would like to welcome;

Vampyrian Fr. JP Vanir ~ Fr. JP Father J P Vanir came to the vampire community, in very active roles, in 2000 and is the Founding Father of Vampyrian Temple UVUP which came into being on Dec. 18th 2003. He describes himself as, “a hybrid Old School Cyber Vampyrian, Gothick-Graver , as well as an Empath. I consider myself a Spiritual person first and foremost as well as someone with many goals in life including helping other Vampyres realize their potential and abilities


Lady Victorianrose ~ Lady Victorianrose has been involved in the OVC and VC since 1996 continuously, she has recently founded the online vampire group Crimson Tavern.  She is, as she puts it, “a blood drinker or sang or inheritor, a vampire that needs blood to stay healthy so whatever title you want to give me.”

Sharing a personal insight with us, Lady Victorianrose wrote:

My personal opinion about modern vampirism is pretty vast.  I am an open person so I tend to believe there are a lot of things that even our own kind don’t understand so I try to do as much research as I can to find the truth in a lot of different things to make my own judgment if I believe something to be true or not. As far as the OVC, I can honestly say that the OVC has helped me grow and learn more and more about who and what I am and without the OVC I wouldn’t be the person I am today.”

Lady C’iana DeCampli ~ Lady C’iana has been involved in the VC for 24 years and was the Last Keeper, or admin, of the vampyre support group and newsgroup, alt.culture.vampires or ACV ,as it was known, which closed in 2001-2002.

Of her current interests and activities she tells us,

I’m more known as a Poetess… I currently am the in house poet for Contessa Liza Zboril at Vampire Nation Concord for Poe’s Velvet Rose which can also be found on Facebook… I have a youtube channel, Ciana’s Sanctuary, of my original poetry placed to original music by the gothic metal group, Vampire Banquet, who works with me on occasion… I also have my own poetry site currently under revamping,…”

Of her personal vampirism, she says, “I’ve known I was a vampyre since I was 15 years old. I awakened to the calling of the blood, sanguine but also feed as an eros vampyre with heightened empathic capabilities. I believe in a very traditional old school way of thought and behavior – honor, justice, grace, and truth… I maintain respectful and mannerly ways when dealing with others in the VC and OVC… I am non political… I am a Ronin by choice but have met many in our community over the vast years that I have come to call family and friends… Blessings…~c”


RVN: Good evening and thank you very much for your time in attending to these questions for us.

Fr. JP: Dark Greetings to you and of course the wonderful people at Real Vampire Newswhich I find to be a great site and a blessing to our community as well as those out there reading this…

Lady C’iana: Goodeve, and thank you for your invitation to this round table of honored guests from the long standing community… A pleasure to be here….

Lady V’rose: Thank you so much for your invitation, it is an honor to be here. I look forward to meeting new people and helping others.

RVN: There is a strong interrelation between many of the major bodies within the online community, a number of places carrying the same information and articles; do you think there is a working agreement in place to strive toward one goal?

Fr. JP: I do not believe any one in the community or even any group in the community strives toward one specific goal. Every single member in the community has their own unique path and belief about everything. That is why the community is so wide spread and different but also unfortunately why it is so divided and argumentative as well as
lacking leadership…

Lady C’iana: Honestly, No, I do not think there is a “working” agreement in place… Most site admins work on their own without involvement of any other organization, house, court or group… I haven’t seen any change in this in the 15 plus years as some of the original sites still exist… I also think we see the same information repeated because all the same research has been done and some just copy what older sites have already listed…

Lady V’rose: I’m not sure if there would be a working agreement but it would be nice if there were the same information on all sites.  It would help keep the confusion down of what is really the truth about our kind or not.  I know when I first figured out what I was and searching for answers, it was really confusing with all the different articles and sites that didn’t have the same information.

RVN: If there were, what do you see that goal/aim as being?

Lady V’rose: In my opinion the goal to have the same information that is true on most if not all sites would make it easier for others that are either sceptical, looking for answers to better understand themselves, or for just research purposes to be better informed. If there is the same information everywhere there is less chance of someone stating that we are a myth instead of a fact.  It is very discouraging when you are trying to do research to find the truth and you find information on one site but then go to another and it says something completely different.  At that point, how do you differentiate which one is the truth?  Personally, I just go with my instincts and personal experiences to tell me what is true.

Fr. JP: I think the main goal of the community is to keep peace with those outside the community despite all of the crimes that have been named “Vampire” Crimes by the media as well as the so called “Vampires” who go on TV and make us look bad. This is generally a very positive thing however many also seem to do the same as those outside the community and claim to know what these people are by calling them real or fake

but usually fake. Unfortunately like any community as well as any group or clique (just using that term as an example term) we do have criminals and murderers who let their appetite, needs, and blood lust get the best of them. We just need to let the world know that the majority of the Vampyr community is not a bunch of crazy killers, cultists, or criminals and we obey the laws of the government in which we reside just like everyone else. We control our needs just like the majority of the world no matter how harmful to us it may be to not get what we need…

Lady C’iana: I believe the original goal of the OVC was to help the newly awakened and guide others to where they may find other vampyres in their area…

RVN: There have been many changes in the OVC since its inception around 1997, what do you see as having changed since you first came into the OVC?

Lady C’iana: Well, back then I was the last Keeper or now termed, admin of the newsgroup, alt.culture.vampires or ACV (created before 1997 now mirrored for historical purposes at Earthops last I checked) as we called it… It was a political and drama free group where all could come meet online including mundanes and donors, speak their minds, ask questions of Klaatu and I (the other original creators, Chiller, Mig, Chooch,etc all became ill or retired giving Klaatu and I the responsibility of ACV til its close in 2001), etc… Its main purpose to become a way station for all to come together to help one another, vampyre, therion, etc… No matter what type or kind of kin you were, all were welcome to ACV… Klaatu and I kept peace and order… It was a different time… There were flame wars occasionally but not like today… I see the majority of sites and groups allowing favorites and elitists to run others off with their ill manners and general cruelty…  The past is gone unfortunately and so has much of the common sense, decency, and formal court manners and training…

Lady V’rose: I see a lot more people trying to take control of what kind of information you can share. Such as the admins and mods on forums and such.  If you say something they don’t agree with they are eager to ban you from their site.  I’ve also noticed a lot of forums wanting to make you a part of a group or “coven” if you will. Personally, I am not one that conforms to groups easily.  I like to be an individual that can make my own decisions without someone telling me I can’t think a certain way.  I have a boss at work like that already, I deal with it because I have to.  In my personal life it’s not happening. Facebook has changed the OVC a bit. Now our kind is trying to conform others to join their group on a social site of humans, and personally I don’t get it.

Fr. JP: My awakening has been a long Evolutionary process and I am always changing everyday as I believe our true Awakening is a lifetime experience (through everyone of our reincarnated lives).
In the beginning our “Vampire” community was more in the shadows before the rise of the internet; there were also more honest members but now that Vampirism is popular there is far more fighting and bickering in the community esp. with the popularity of Facebook where the OVC seems to live now. However now the community is very well
known and it would seem even scientifically documented (mostly the psychic Vampirism phenomenon). We seem to be all over the place now which can be both a good thing as well as a horrible thing as many wish to stay in the shadows for fear and other personal reasons…

RVN: In the, perhaps, inevitable shift from community message boards to social networking services that seems to be the new fad throughout the online community, what do you see as being the future for the message boards?

Fr. JP: Unfortunately Facebook seems to run the online world. I miss the days when Ning was free and we had more Diverse Real Vampyre Social Networks instead of depending on Mainstream Online communities. That is why I created “Vampire Networks” (yes on Facebook since it seems to run the online world)

However I think we should switch to Spruz as Spruz is cheap or free if you have up to 50 members for free or other reasonably priced plans if you need more members (up to 29.95 for unlimited everything) or try Groups but Ning is ridiculously expensive and just a luxury item that will burn a whole in anyone’s pocket (unless you happen to be lucky
enough to be rich? I remember I began on yahoo groups with TempleUVUP back in 2003 but believe without a doubt that Social Networks are the future of Online Communities and Groups. I will always keep my Network going despite the price (which actually isn’t that bad) Luckily our Temple Council helps with the price so it is not mine alone but they
are our governing body as well as the co owners of the Network so they are a part of the responsibility.

Lady C’iana: The OVC has been around for so long… I don’t think it’s the end for message boards… My Space and others were the big thing then Twitter and now Facebook… I think the message boards will stay in place til the social networking becomes more stable…

Lady V’rose: Personally, even though social sites like Facebook and Twitter have taken over the social networks, I truly believe that the forums will survive.  Nothing lasts forever and I think that people will get tired of the “facebook fascination” and come back to their roots.  It’s hard to be who you are as a vampire on a social network full of humans that don’t believe in us to be real but are a bunch of “twilighters”. The ones that will survive will be honest, open, persistent, and have that feeling of security and trust that if anything were to happen you know there is someone there to listen. Not judge.


RVN: Do you support an increased media visibility for modern vampires and why/why not?

Lady C’iana: No, I truly do not… There are pros and cons to my point of course… The major con being those newly awakened will have less resources… In the past, even to find the OVC you needed to know someone or get very lucky… Honestly, every time one of us is interviewed or exposed to the general news media, it goes very badly, like calling us crazies, deviants, etc or they think we are playing dress up for entertainment purposes… It never goes well… I truly as one in the community so long enjoyed my quiet existence til certain people wished to write books, etc and go against the cardinal rule to NEVER expose yourself or the community to the outside world…

Fr. JP: Well it’s nice that we are out of the “coffin” or what have you as long as it is not used to make a mockery of what we are. Unfortunately too many fake Vampires get put in the spot light and do just that but that is the point as many talk shows etc. want to get a rise out of the audience no matter the cost to the community! It is unfortunate that is the main stage of our so called media; BS live talk shows and so called reality TV. I actually miss mad, mad house and never got to see it in its time on TV (I would actually pay top dollar to get the full series but you can’t seem to find it anywhere). It as the only good
reality show as the alts actually opened the normal people’s minds through Spiritual exercises and new experiences so they evolve through the experiences usually.

Lady V’rose: Yes and no.  I know…that doesn’t really answer the question LOL LOL. I say yes because in a way I think people in general are becoming more open about things as a whole and are getting close to maybe wanting to actually listen that there is something out there than what currently is.  Like the economy and the government control over everything.  People are losing faith in their own government and are turning more towards their own individuality as it were, looking to find out who they really are and what they can do to help their own lives succeed.  It’s a dog eat dog world out there and because people are looking more towards their inner selves for happiness they might be willing to  listen to something else other than the government telling them what is real and what is not.  I also say No because I don’t think people are quite ready to have us completely “come out of the coffin” as it were.  LOL cliché I know but people, especially humans, need baby steps.  I think if we start showing our true selves more little by little it gives others a chance to get used to the idea before going to the next step.

RVN: How do you view your own role/involvement within the community?

Lady V’rose: I have seen a lot of sites give their own opinions, whether I agree with them or not is invalid, and I am not that site that is overbearing and controlling, one that will not let you have your own opinion.  I have done a lot of research for my own well-being as a vampire and also to find the truth from the very beginning of our existence to now and maybe what could be in the future and I like to share what I learn with others and get their true and honest opinion.  My forum is a site that is full of information and not always vampiric.  There are other things that people don’t understand besides ourselves and I bring those to light as well.  Each vampire has their own unique gifts and I try to touch on a little of everything so everyone has a chance to relate and maybe say “hmmmm that sounds like something that happens to me”.  It gets people talking and when people communicate freely without fear of being ridiculed they tend to open up more and connect with others better.  I remember how lost I felt when I was doing research to try and figure out why I was so different from others and most times it was lonely and frustrating.  I have my site for that very same reason.  I don’t like others to feel that way, it’s a terrible feeling, so I made my site as like a refuge for young ones or people that feel lost can come and feel comfortable and learn in a healthy way.  In my opinion, that is what a site should be.

Fr. JP: I mostly consider myself a Theologian and Vampyrologist or Vampirologist. I have studied Otherkin aspects as well but mostly study what I understand best. I have also helped many people with their awakenings and understanding Vampyrism but made sure they know it is only personal belief and encouraged them to do their own personal journey find the truth. I have my own personal Spiritual path and try to consider myself more Vampyrian than just another member of the “Vampire” Community. I am a Vampyr and Vampyres are my kin as well as the Otherkin community (I consider myself more Otherkin or Vampyr than Human) so I try to help them as best as they will allow me but my main purpose is to those who are willing to accept it if they choose to but I am not a cult leader and it is not my right to tell anyone what to believe (that is their choice alone)…

Lady C’iana: I am Ronin… I have many friends from many different countries, courts, houses, etc… I stand for the old ways of Loyalty to the community, justice, honor, honesty, manners and grace…. I lift my voice when I feel it’s needed no matter the cost… Being Ronin, I need not hold my tongue or stay hidden as a spy for any political gain… I help those in need that come to me or guide them to help…

RVN: What do you see as being the long-term future of the online vampire community?

Fr. JP: It all depends. I would like to see more order and less bickering/fighting but that is what happens when the community resides mostly online sadly and is a slave to Facebook. A governing body maybe for the OVC but that seems unlikely. I personally believe the Vampyr community is supposed to be ruled by a Vampyr council but I guess that shows how old I really am and with all the young kids in the community I doubt they would even follow that.

Right now it seems we only have Merticus as well as a very few others (Sanguinarius and now John Reason of the RVN) that try to do what they can and help out a lot; I just wish I could see more and that we had more Real Vampyres in the community that had the resources and finances they would be able to use to make good things happen. I would like to see more focus on Real Vampyre stories and focus as opposed to the media claims of Vampirism simply because the person drank human blood or claimed to be a Vampyre. I have dreamed that one day we could have a FREE international community and Database of everything Vampyre and Vampire (fact and fiction) but focusing mostly on Real Vampyrism. Including a community for all the Vampyr Houses, Temples, etc. BUT with what that would cost that is way off if even possible (to be free sadly)…

Lady C’iana: Many are still hidden in plain sight… I truly don’t see a change… There are too many factions… The powerful and well known will always run the general OVC whilst those that have been around will watch and keep to their ways ignoring the drama….

Lady V’rose: As long as there is the internet there will always be the OVC.  The sites that are on the OVC will just have to learn to conform to the internet as it grows and things change is all.  If things change and you don’t change with it, I don’t think that site will last.  We are at the mercy of all things that change when it comes to the internet.

RVN: A somewhat recent news article quote, that was reinforced in a comment to another story at RVN, read, “… that some 3,000 to 8,000 people may be participating in the online vampire community, although “perhaps only 20 percent of these individuals are actual real sanguinarian or psychic” vampires.” This would seem to suggest a belief there are only 600 to 1600 “real” vampires in total in the communities of the OVC, what is your opinion of this statement?

Lady V’rose: There are a lot of sites out there in the OVC and without knowing which ones were researched I would say that number could be accurate.  There are a lot of role players out there that try to convince others that they are a real vampire.  They make up their own stories to fit the forum they are on and they may actually start to believe in it.  It’s a shame that people can’t be true and feel the need to make things up to fit in somewhere, it makes it harder for others that are true to trust what others can say.  In the OVC if you have a few you can call friends and trust you are doing well.  Being empathic I can usually pick up who is real and who is just telling a tall tale.  I tend to keep my guard up until I get to know a person, and well, when that guard goes down it doesn’t always keep my heart from getting hurt lets just say. So…in the OVC that guard has to stay up.  Unfortunately, you are always going to have ones in any community that try to convince anyone they are someone other than who they really are, the OVC included. It’s just like any other community.

Fr. JP: As I stated in Question #3 I would have to agree since being a “Vampire” is such a popular thing I do believe most of the community are not real Vampires but just think they are or want to be a part of the new popular thing. I also believe however that most of the real Vampyres are not actually members of the OVC but solitary or unknown sadly…

Lady C’iana: I believe that there are even more than that number participating in the OVC…  Some out there are trying to run various “polls” in search of numbers… It’s a fruitless attempt… Many do not wish to be absolutely visible or attempted to be tracked or controlled….

Some of our artists and entertainers allow outsiders like media and mundane society to believe they are just that, entertainers… This I do not blame them for… It assures them openly to be themselves without being questioned… It’s actually very genius of them…

Yes, there are many rpg, twilight fans, scene kids, and some rather unsavory kinds drifting in and out of the OVC… You can usually tell by their manner of speaking or other behaviors if you’ve been around long enough… I truthfully ignore such individuals or if approached online, block them… I don’t like to be bothered…

But as an old ACV member, Vorsuc, used to say, “This is the internet… How do you say, Come here and prove you’re a vampyre?” *gently laughing at the memory*

If they only knew, after all these years just how true that statement still is….

RVN: We would like to sincerely thank Vampyrian Fr. JP, Lady Victorianrose and Lady C’iana for joining us today. It has been a privilege to have spent some time with them.

Fr. JP: You are very welcome as it was my pleasure to help and a many Blessings to you and yours…

Lady C’iana: Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to lend my voice to hopefully further our vast community views… My final point to be, If you can not be a benefit to the entire community, vampyres, witches, pagans, therians and otherkin included, we shall stagnate as a global community, fracture and eventually die… We must accept ourselves and others by actions and the conviction of our words not only by outside appearances, whom we know or even time spent in the community…with age does not always guarantee wisdom….~c

Lady V’rose: It was great talking to you. It is always nice to get my views out there and hopefully help others as well.


Many of the answers offer good points for relevant discussions into the effectiveness and the future of the OVC in particular and perhaps the direction that the VC will take. The one issue that is, undoubtedly, of vital importance is, how does the community as a whole maintain its effectiveness and relevance as the new generations come up and grow into the VC/OVC?

© RVN, Vampyrian Fr. JP Vanir, Lady C’iana DeCampli & Lady Victorianrose 2012

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