New Thoughts on Vampyres and Gods

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Well basically as I have said before we are the born from the mating of Humans and the Vampyr Gods – Goddesses – spirits which come from the shadow realm but I also have come to the belief that often humans can be temporarily possessed by a Vampyr spirit in there sleep or it can exchange there human child with there Vampyr Child. Lilith was none of the oldest human Vampyres although she was created by God as man was originally touched with the essence of gods Vampyric abilities which they lost over time and there eating of the tree so god took there Vampyrism and Immortality away. But Lilith also became a Goddess by having sex with other Gods and spirits and taking apart of them inside her self she evolved into a Goddess. So Humans also have the ability to become Vampyres IF they know how to take from the right sources as any human can Vampyrise another person. I believe they can spiritually evolve into a Vampyr or any God if they know how… 

A Vampyr can take from anything and even another Vampyr however most Vampyres shield from this. However Vampyres have a higher energy metabolism which is why we must feed often from humans so I don’t recommend taking from your own kin. I will say anything you take enough from you will take some of there essence as Lilith did to achieve her Goddess status. I am not sure about a person’s condition after Astral feeding though I suppose they might not feel like they got a full nights rest? However normal humans who have a regular energy metabolism get plenty of energy from various souses one of witch (the sun) actually drains us where Vampyres energy never lasts very long and we need to feed may times more than most living things and food may feed our human nature our Vampyr soul needs other sources to keep us healthy or our inner Vampyr may feed on our own human body. So although we are older than human kind or at least our Spirit is we are also the Evolution of humanity as they can become as we are. Vampyrism is Spiritual in every way as our Vampyrism is our Spirituality and we feed on the energy which is a part of the Spirit…


The gods who also receive worship don’t even have to try to get it or leave there realm to get the energy they need it is given freely thanks to there worshippers. However we have to actively go out and get what we need to survive and many us are unable to get what we need if we don’t live in an active enough community. IT’S NOT FAIR! So we must take some of there worship as they only need so much to survive. The gods and Goddesses are growing more powerful on this worship as we there children are starving. However some of our Mothers and Fathers do aid us some are selfish and do not so we must go to there (Christian) churches and take from them. I also believe Gods, Goddesses, and Spirits are Immortal however I also believe they can be destroyed by another devouring or taking in there whole essence or Spirit.

© Founding Father J P Vanir