Pranic feeding explanation

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Not all Pranic Vampires feed from sex; they feed from touch and smell mostly! Pranic healing is done by touch and smell and the same goes with Pranic Vampyrism. After watching this it is almost like saying anyone who likes sex is a Pranic Vampyre and that is not true at all. There are several so called Sexual Vampires who use this to play Vampire but do not believe that just cause they are sex addicts that means they feed from sex or are Sexual Vampyres! Not every sex addict is a Sexual Vampyre. That is why I prefer the term Tantric Vampyre as Tantra is linked to sex as sacred sex and touch as though you are with the Spirits or Devine (Gods). I was actually involved with a Spiritual group (Earth Spirit) and a pagan dance group in wich I dance in a Tantric Ritual (not sexual but just touch). Not everyone will agree with this but I am a very Spiritual being and my feeding is linked to my Spirituality. So again I want to make it clear that not Sex addict is a Sexual or esp not a Pranic Vampyre cause not all Pranic Vampyres feed from Sex or just sex. And YES that is my main or preferred method of feeding Pranic Vampyrism as well as Dance and feed from all around highly energetic environments (dance floors – concerts)…

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