Tantric Vampyrism

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Tantric (Sexual) Vampyrism uses several different types of feeding methods. Some of which is feeding off the connection between the Vampyre(s) and Life Force Giver(s) / Donor(s) during exercises of love or sex or just feeding off the adoration the L.F.G./donor gives the Vampyr. During Intimacy the Vampyr feeds on the sexual pleasure as well as the Orgasm. Another is feeding off sexual excitement of crowds at a night club, concert, or strip club and some can even feed off of Pornography. The Vampyr can even feed on the adoration she/he gets sexual or just in general (especially strong emotions such as anger, love, or hate.

Sperm even has some blood (Plasma or Energy) contained in and is why many Succubi have been known to drink it during and after sex. So yes sex is one way you lose your energy or give it to your partner if you are a male and one reason why you feel so relaxed after wards. Also Masturbation would be a waist of your energy unless someone was watching you and feeding on your sexual excitement and orgasm. I am not as sure when it comes to females however. During the Intimacy if one sucks on the neck it will bruise the person and a cause them to bleed under the skin and a Vampyr can also feed on this through the sweat glands as we are naturally able to.

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