What type are we?

The Vampire community is made up of all different types of feeders which is over emphasized as important but has segregated the community in a lot of ways especially in the past. Luckily they are not as much at each other’s throats as they used to be because of how they feed. I don’t thinks that it is important to distinguish how one feeds calling them one type of Vampyre or another type when we should all just treat it like as being a herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, or frugivore etcetera not a separate species but how one feeds. When I first learned about the community I thought I was only a blood feeder (Sanguinarian) but I learned over time that I naturally feed psychically after research without realizing it. If I had never realized this I could have continually starved myself being that blood is so rare as well as dangerous with all the unhealthy people out there not to mention I require more than most can get in a feeding for it to do anything for me. I have only had a few good feedings of blood during my awakening.

I believe it is important that every vampire continues to learn from each other as we are constantly awakening to what we are and what we can do but too many want to walk a certain way because of what they have been taught. I believe it is important that we challenge ourselves to find our own way and to learn all we can about each path and way. It is a good thing that we teach each other about shielding and energy manipulation a lot in the community as I believe all vampyres can do these things and can learn to psy feed if they need to. I have known for a while I have been awakening more during my time in the community and I am a lot stronger than I used to be. Evolution is only natural for every species to do in order to survive. The problem occurs when they want to limit themselves because of what they refuse to let themselves believe or become…


© Founding Father J P Vanir